Step up from outsourcing and outstaffing

Brains-based digital business

Fully virtual office space

From outsourcing and outstaffing to outbraining

While outsourcing and outstaffing have been around for a long time, outbraining is a step up from them.

Once most core processes are digital and brains-based, organizational boundaries and geographical borders become less important.

The business can equally manage and rely upon own employees and contractors as well as external staff and outsourced project teams.

Outbraining concept was created by Paul Kroujiline in 2014 and is developed by Strategy Net and its global network of partners.

Outbraining process and results

The core steps of a successful outbraining program:

  • Maximum digitalization of all processes
  • Focus on intellect, automation of all digital processes where human brains are not required
  • Top brains - sourced widely for skills and potential (not geographic location), recruited, trained and managed via fully virtual office space

Typical results of outbraining:

  • 3-5x cost reduction of talent and related processes
  • 10-50х talent pool expansion, allowing to engage the best global talent
  • 2-5х increase in talent loyalty
  • Improved management, control and collaboration
  • Drive towards a fully digital strategic model

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